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Nowadays, double bread (bread) is being used in almost all the countries of the world. But modern people’s favorite berylot has not existed since centuries ago. It is said that the double roti was introduced in Egypt 3000 years ago. The people there used to make a dough in a frozen dough and cook it in an oven. Thus, samples of making double bottles are found in Egyptian tombs.

Different items are prepared in different countries from different sources. Wherever the flour is mixed with flour or flour, then try to make it very tasty, by adding potato, peas, rice or barley flour. The yeast found in bell pepper flour makes the gas cooked, which bursts out as bubbles. Due to this reason there are eyelet in the double. Etc. The man used to grind grains of wheat and grind it on the stone. Then used to drink that pulp on coals or hot stones.

1 loaf of Nature’s Own 100% Whole Wheat Bread (20 oz) offers the nutritional value of whole wheat in a soft, delicious loaf. Try a slice with fruit jam for breakfast, or with your favorite deli meats and cheeses for lunch or a quick dinner.. Bread is a soft, slightly sweet sandwich bread perfect for toasting or pairing with your favorite spreads, deli meats and more. Artisanal, Deliciously made with a buttery flavor, this irresistible bread is truly sure to satisfy. Keep product refrigerated or frozen for 90 days


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