Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Entrance Exam 2019 Class 6th (arihant)

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Solved Paper 2018, Solved Paper 2017, Mental Ability Test: Odd-Man Out, Figure Matching, Pattern Completion, Figure Series Completion, Analogy, Geometrical Figure Completion, Mirror Image, Punched Hold Pattern, Space Visualization, Embedded Figure, Arithmetic Test: Number System, Fundamental Operations on Whole Numbers, Fractional Numbers and Fundamental Operation on Them, Factors and Multiple including their Properties, LCM and HCF of Numbers, Square-Square Root and Cube-Cube Root, Decimal and Fundamental Operations on Them, Applications of Measurement, Approximation of Expression, Simplification of Numerical Expression, Average, Percentage and its Applications, Profit and Loss, Simple Interest, Ration and Proportion, Unitary Method, Speed, Time and Distance, Area, Perimeter and Volume, Pattern, Data Interpretation, Language Test: Noun, Pronouns, Articles, Adjectives, Verbs, Tenses, Preposition, Conjunctions, Punctuation, Rearrangement, Ordering of Sentences, Picking Out the Error Part, Comprehension, Useful Glossary, Practice Sets (1-5)  


About the Book

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya affiliated to CBSE Board is a system of residential schools acknowledged for providing free education (from class VI –XII) to all the talented children of our country and cuts down the burden of their parents by taking care of their accommodation and food.

Every year it holds an exam known as JNVST (Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Selection Test) for admission to class VI and IX. Present book is revised for students who are preparing for its upcoming entrance exam for admission to class VI. Based on the latest exam pattern, it is divided into three sections namely Mental Ability Test, Arithmetic Test and Language Test. Each section is further divided into multiple chapters and discusses every essential topic comprehensively. In addition, Solved Papers of 2017 & 2018 are also given for understanding the nature of exam. At last, 5 Practice sets are provided to increase students’ ability to answer with speed and accuracy.

An essential and a handy practice book, it is aimed to polish up the talent hidden in young students to help them get the success out of their upcoming examination


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