Bharat Evam Vishwa Ka Bhugol

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Bharat Evam Vishwa Ka Bhugol


Majid Hussein




: Mcgraw Hill



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When we try to study this book, we find that it has been discussed in analytically by including the various aspects of the extra world of our country, which is the beginning of the state service of the civil service and Hindi speaking states. And the main examinations have been given full space in the updated syllabus of general studies. The maps / charts / tables as possible have been used to make them more readable and acceptable so that the candidates / readers feel the pleasure of reading this subject, because the map is the soul of Geography and without it any geographic study is incomplete . Key Characters: 1. Presentation in a brief and comprehensive form of the presented title so that readers are introduced to new ideas and researched materials 2. Analytical explanation of each chapter in which the general study of state service examinations of various Hindi speaking states in addition to the Civil Services Improved attention of the updated syllabus (initial and main) 3. In each chapter An attempt to make the original facts updated by updating the data / facts so that its authenticity remains intact 4. Attempt to explain the important facts contained in each chapter as possible with charts, tables, diagrams and maps so that the candidates can easily understand it 5. In view of the subject matter and proper terminology of related subject in the book, Useful, interesting, clear and fluid language.


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