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There are many properties of oregano. It can also be kept in travel with you. It is used in many ways according to diseases. It is also used in the form of spices, powders, decoction, quill and extracts. By mixing it with powders and 8th part of rock salt, it is consumed with water in the amount of 2 grams, it is beneficial in stomach ache, stomach, dyspepsia, pimples, indigestion and diarrhea. It should be consumed three times a day.
After drinking hot water by chewing apples in the night, the stomach becomes cleansed. The powdered powdered children are given 2 to 4 rattis and two grams of jaggery, jaggery, given three to four times a day, the stomach worms get out. It also benefits from consuming urine at night. By taking three to four times water with the sugar of oregano with sugar, the cure disease is cured.


After making the powder by roasting the oatmeal, after the heat of the body decreases or sweats, heat on the soles of the feet and massage on the body brings heat. Massage of body massage in cholesterol or hypnosis brings heat. Combining 4-oz of 4-oz of oregano with flowers, 4 fatty acids, it does prove to be beneficial in the pain of the fingers, blood pressure and blood pressure, if not fingerprints in skin diseases. Mixing the oyster flower in honey and then stop crying. The deodorant of cough or phlegm ends. A chhataak arka of it is beneficial in old cough, large chaos and cough. Due to the extraction or oil 10-15 drops, the diarrhea is closed. Cold fever is solved by taking two to two grams powder of this powder thrice a day. Celery is also useful in reducing obesity. Soak one spoon celery in a glass of water at night. Drinking in the morning by mixing with one spoon of honey, it provides relief. Regular consumption of obesity is less. [1]
Mixing the oatmeal powder with 100 grams of water, after washing with that solution, wounds, herpes, itching, pimples and other skin diseases are destroyed. It is helpful to destroy the ocean and increase the force. Massage of oil from its oil massages is causing pain. Taking this powder with hot water or by lukewarm extraction, it prevents the outbreak. It is used to deliver fire after digestion and to digest food, to purify the air and uterus. Using it should be 2 to 4 grams of powdered powder, 4 grams of oil, if flower, 1 roti and extracts, then keep 50 grams of quantity.
Mixing of oregano- oven a weave, powdered half of the small herb, rock salt bowl, make a powder of asafetida paste and take 3-3 grams of water in the amount of water, stomachache, irritation, pains and excretion obstruction Goes away. By making powder of equal quantity of acai, ginger, black pepper and small cardamom, taking three to four times in the morning, digestion is fine and stomach pain is also fine. Take a splash of new syrup, a lemon juice of lemon juice, five salt 2, put them in a vessel and close its face with cloth and drink in the sun during the day. After drying, taking 2 to 4 grams, all the stomach diseases are destroyed.


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