Himalaya Baby Pants M(9)

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Himalaya Baby Care Diaper Pants For Medium-Size Children

Baby weight: 5 – 11kg –  (9 pieces)

Baby age 3-9 months

24 hours delivery

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What does this do:

Your baby needs a lot of care. Himalaya  Total Care  Baby Pants is a one-step diaper solution specially designed for comfort, safety and total skin care of the child. Himalaya  Total Care  Baby Pants Panty Style Design is easy to wear, which provides a soft and comfortable fit and easy to pull and unload. Enriched with the goodness of Aloe vera and Yashada Bhasma, Himalaya  Total Care  Baby Pants provides a protective anti-rash shield that reduces the activity of harmful enzymes and prevents diaper rash.

Main content:

  • Rapid absorption:  keeps the skin of the child dry
  • Anti-rash Shield:  Helps prevent diaper rashage
  • Weightnote indicator: When a  child has a wet diaper, it turns from yellow to green
  • Leakproof:  soft elastic edges and protruding thigh stops leakage support
  • Silky soft inner layer:  helps to protect the skin’s soft and sensitive skin
  • The good of Aloe Vera and Yasdad Bhasma

    pack size:-

Diapers for size


Pack the pants diaper of numbers


Child ‘s weight / age 
Small (S) 2, 9, 28, 54 7 kg / 3 months
Medium (M) 2, 9, 28, 54 5-11 kg / 3-9 months
Large (L) 2, 9, 28, 54 8-14 kg / 9-18 months
Extra Large (XL) 2, 9, 28, 54 12-17 kg / 18-24 months


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