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Khas Khus is a fragrant plant. Its botanical name is Vitiviriya Zijniyyedes (Vetiveria), whose derivation seems to be derived from the Tamil word wether. This fragrant, thin, long ripe yearly plant of Racemes is the plant. The addition of its follicle is secretion, one of which is dull and full and the second is chronic and paputky. There are fine granules in the avant-garde follicle. Its rhizoma is very aromatic. Rhizomes are used in India as perfumes and medicines since ancient times. The root of the plant is used to make a special type of curtain called ‘Khas Ki Tatti’. Put it in the summer and on the windows and rooms and keep the water from the water, so that cold and aromatic air comes in the room and the room remains cold. Vapor distillation of rhizomes receives aromatic volatile oil which is used in making perfume. It has enough capacity to hold the smell of flowers.
This dense cluster is found to be growing in the states of Rajasthan and other states of India. This rises in Rajasthan, in Bharatpur and Ajmer districts. The strong stalks of this plant are strong spongy roots, in high, intensified clusters, about 2 meters out of the respiration. The oil obtained from its roots is used to make cosmetics and to provide soap aroma in the perfume industry. The use of khas oil is used in the form of airlomer in the primacy, adipose and intravenous vomiting. It is considered as stimulant, auspicious and coolant. Apart from this, Amata, Katidana and Spouch also have the pleasure of massage with it.


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