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Clove (botanical name: Syzygium aromaticum; Malayalam: കരയാമ്പൂ; English: Cloves) is a dried flower bud of Myrtaceae’s evergreen tree called ‘Eugenia caryophyllata’. The English of clove is synonymous with clove, which is derived from the Latin word clavus. This word has a spike or kanteca, which is an analogy of the clove shape. On the other hand, the Latin name ‘piper’ of clove seems to have come from ‘Pippali’ of Sanskrit / Malayalam / Tamil. Clove is a type of spice. This spice is used in abundance in Indian cuisine. It is also used in the form of medicine. Order 1 productive country 2 Introduction 3 Use 4 different language names 5 See also Producer countries [edit] Chinese cloves from China used to be preceded by three centuries ago and the Roman people were well-acquainted with it, But in European countries, its information came in the 16th century when Portuguese people discovered it in Malacca Island. For years the Portuguese and Dutch had a small occupation of its commerce. Lang is native to Malaika, but now it is abundantly accessible in all tropical regions. Zanzibar produces 90 percent of the clove of all the produce, much of which is sent out through Bombay. There is also enough clove in Sumatra, Jamaica, Brazil, Peabas and the West Indies. Introduction [edit] The plants grow slowly in the seed, so when the nursery plants become 4 feet tall, they should be 20- Sets at a distance of 30 feet. In the first year, there is harm to plants with strong sunshine and wind. Sixth year starts flowering and 12 to 25 years of good yield, but for 150 years there is a lot of clove from the tree: cloves from two to three kilograms of trees from each tree. Red flowers blossom, but the flowers are broken before blooming. The color of fresh buds is worn or green. The four pointed edges of cloves are sepal and in the inner round part are the petal and the necessary part is covered with them, ardroecium and gynaeceum. The lower part is a flower stalk. As soon as the color of these buds is light pink and they blossom, they are selected and broken by hand. Sometimes the cloth spreads under the tree and knocks these buds by knocking the branch. In good weather they dry them in the sun, but when they are replaced they dry them on the fire. Sometimes the buds wash with hot water before drying. After drying, only 40 percent cloves are left. Use [edit] By grinding cloves, or by putting it in whole foods, it becomes aromatic, so it is used for spices of different types of food. Do the way. This oil is used to see the internal structure of tooth mason, soap, perfume vanilla and plants and in medicine form. Cloves and fruit stalks are also sometimes used.


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