Marble Glasses

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Marble Detail :-

Marble is an interchangeable rock that is formed as a result of regional and occasional contact interactions of sedimentary carbonate cliffs. This sedimentary carbonate rock can be limestone or dolostone, or old marble. During this process of metamorphosis the reclamation of the original rock is done. Due to high temperature and pressure in this process of making marble from sedimentary deposits, any type of fossil remains present in the original rock and the original texture of the rock is destroyed.

Product description :-

Craftedindia is one stop centre of India’s Handicrafts. Although the culture in India is diverse and varied, it still binds the country together in some form of common identification. We aim to bring to you the most unique form of art existing in India.The products that we deal in are the most ancient arts of India. Our products are unique and beautiful crafts of India that fits well as Gifts and as Home Decor.

  • These glasses are made from finest quality onyx marble stone.
  • The shape of these glass helps to give an easy grip, without letting it slip from the hand and spilling the beverages.



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