Mixer Set for Kitchen

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Marble Detail:-

Marble is an interchangeable rock that is formed as a result of regional and occasional contact interactions of sedimentary carbonate cliffs. This sedimentary carbonate rock can be limestone or dolostone, or old marble. During this process of metamorphosis the reclamation of the original rock is done. Due to high temperature and pressure in this process of making marble from sedimentary deposits, any type of fossil remains present in the original rock and the original texture of the rock is destroyed.

Product description:-

Using fresh herbs and spices in your cooking can enhance the flavor of your dishes, but how you prepare those seasonings matters if you want to experience their taste to the fullest. Manual grinding with a mortar and pestle brings out the flavor of whole spices and herbs without leaving them too fine the way that an automatic grinder can. With the Handcrafted Indian Natural Grey Stone Mortar and Pestle Set, getting delicious results from herbs and spices is easy, as this set takes the hard work out of manual grinding. The Handcrafted Indian Natural Grey mortar pestle stone is designed to make hand grinding herbs and spices an effortless task. The stout, tapered pestle stays easily in the hand, and it has the perfect striking surface to effectively grind. Painstakingly fashioned entirely by hand, the Handcrafted Indian Natural Grey Stone Mortar and Pestle Set shows off traditional Indian craftsmanship to the fullest. Each set is made by a skilled artisan from Agra, India, who goes to great lengths to ensure that every inch of both pieces is completely free of rough, sharp edges. This fabulous Mortar & Pestle is made out of a solid piece of marble. The wonderful characteristics of marble make each piece unique and special! Using a mortar and pestle is a centuries old method of food preparation that is still considered the best way of releasing the full, true flavors of herbs and spices. This solid round mortar and pestle is a gorgeous contemporary style white marble and features a felt lined base to protect work surfaces. Easily used by both home chefs and pharmacists

  • Good Quality Marble Handmade White Boat Shape Mortar and Pestle set
  • Used to grind / crush a variety of items such as herbs, spices, nuts, etc. Create your own curry pastes, pestos and dressings. Also makes a great kitchen decor accessory
  • Easily used by both home chefs and pharmacists





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