Nivea Men Sport Deodorant Spray – For Men

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Product Description :-

NIVEA MEN Sport Deodorant, for men who seek prolonged revitalising freshness along with effective anti-perspirant protection.When living an active life, the feeling of time running out constantly looms over a man’s head. For someone who is always on the run, excessive perspiration and body odour can add to the challenge. Most deodorants for men solve this problem only for a few hours, but once the effect of the men’s deodorant starts to fade off, so does the confidence.NIVEA MEN Sport Deodorant gives you a sporty masculine freshness for the poise needed to carry out daily activities, without any need to stop. This body spray for men comes with a non-stop fresh effect combined with mineral complex that gives you a revitalizing freshness and keeps the energy going. It’s the perfect deo for men that comes equipped with the optimal combination of reliable deodorant protection and NIVEA® MEN Care Complex.This men’s deo contains 0% alcohol and is dermatologically tested to be easy on your skin. And while it refreshes your senses, it also delivers a sporty confidence for when you step outdoors. So, go on and make a trip with this deodorant for men who never want to stop

About the Product :-

  • NIVEA MEN Sport Spray prolongs the feeling of freshness after your workout
  • Minerals and vitamins revitalise your skin and give you back your energy
  • The vitalising scent gives you long lasting freshness and new energy after a workout
  • Result: Long lasting effective regulation of perspiration and a fresh feeling
  • Skin Compatibility dermatologically approved



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