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Pistachio is a kind of nuts. Pistachio, which is used as a dry fruit, is not only a good snack but it is also beneficial for health. According to a recent study, its regular consumption reduces the level of sugar in the blood by controlling the amount of carbohydrate in the body.
According to a study done by the University of Toronto, “eating pistachios with carbohydrate compost, such as white bread, does not reach the high amount of carbohydrate in the body, and the level of sugar in the blood does not increase.” According to the researchers, in countries like India, where about 40 million people are suffering from diabetes and by the year 2025, it is expected to surpass the figure of 80 million, pistachios consumption can control the number of patients in diabetes.
Cyril Kendall, a researcher led by this research, says that “it is important to control the levels of glucose in the blood for the treatment and protection of diabetes, usually the level of sugar in the blood increases with the increase of carbohydrate.” It is clear from its initial results that pistachios intake does not allow the amount of carbohydrate to grow in the body and as a result the sugar in the blood Volume remains controlled. ” Along with this, it has been found in the study that pistachios also control the stimulating hormones, preventing it from preventing diabetes for long periods of time. It is worth noting that by consuming too much food, the amount of carbohydrate increases in the body and this is the biggest cause of diabetes.



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