POND’S Dreamflower Fragrant Talc


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Fragrance has the power to make you feel – fresh, bright, sensual and happy. New Starlight perfume talc from Ponds – is all of this rolled into one. It possesses fine fragrance – like facets of the French Haute Parfumerie that can boost your mood & uplift your spirit. The whiff of Starlight talc smells so exotic, that it will make anyone go gaga over its international perfume fragrance. It is tailor made for the new-age Indian girl who doesnt want to spend an exorbitant amount on a perfume but wants to smell just as great. Ponds Starlight talc is an elegant, feminine combination of fresh & fruity notes of passion fruit and blueberry with a rich floral bouquet of creamy white blossoms and delicate orchid. This unforgettable perfume talc is curated to stay on you for your entire workday or a day out with friends or a long dinner date. It gives you long lasting fragrance for up to 6 hours! It is specifically designed for your skin – with soft & smooth micro talc that helps absorb sweat while emitting a perfume like fragrance throughout the day. Use the convenient twist lock pack to apply generously after shower or before stepping out of the home. Let people wonder with your unmissable fragrance – what are you wearing and no ones going to believe its a talc and not a perfume! Elegant, feminine, floral and downright sexy. Starlight talc fragrance is there for whatever mood.

Pond’s dreamflower talcum powder envelopes you with alluring aroma and sparkle. This gentle powder softly caresses your skin while providing long lasting protection against body odor and perspiration. Remain clean and fresh all day long with this satin textured powder. Loaded with natural ingredients, the powder is gentle and effective and also provides instant fairness to your skin. Even out your skin tone and make it look non-patchy or oily with this powder. It is also easy to apply. Buy the Pond’s dreamflower talcum powder now, so you can present yourself confidently even on the hottest days.

Ingredients :-

Jasmin & Orchid Notes



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