Red chilli powder

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Red chilli powder may look very sharp and sometimes it may also cause irritation in the stomach! If seen, it is a combination of 2 types of dried red chillies, which have been made grinding and made of soft powder. It is often used to make plain food tart.
Use in kitchen
• The use of red chilli powder is often used in Indian cuisine to make food intensified.
• To make the dishes very sharp, to provide the sweet red color and tart taste, use it at least in quantity.
• Put in any kind of beans or baked corn or casserole.
• It can be used to make merryad for cheese or sliced ​​vegetables.
• It provides a great sharpening to the sauce made from tomatoes.
Ways to store
• Red chilli powder can be kept for a long time.
• Keep away from lights and heat and keep the air in a closed container.
• It can be kept fresh for 2 years.
• To maintain its freshness, a piece of asafetida can be inserted.


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