Britannia Premium Bake Rusk

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Britannia Toast Bake Suji Biscuits are low in calories, high in nutritional value and good in taste; and these are reasons enough to include them in your regular tea time regime! This crunchy crispy and light biscuit fills your stomach quickly, without adding any extra kilos. This is quite a favourite among diabetics.


One packet of biscuit contains wheat flour(71%), wheat fibre, sugar, edible vegetable oil, milk solids, salt, suji, yeast, invert syrup, butter, emulsifier (471), flour treatment agent (1100), spices (Cardamom & Its Oil – 0.09%) and antioxidant (300) which increases your taste buds to a great extent

How to Use:-

Take a packet of Britannia Toast Bake Suji biscuits and enjoy your daily cup of tea and coffee; the combination will be quite good as you will have health and taste on the same plate.

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